So this is my personal account of an attempt to read the works of Carl Jung, a challenge I’ve set myself. I’ve started it because, well for too long I’ve looked at the Collected Works on various bookshelves and wanted to read them.

I completed the Introductory year to the Guild of Analytical Psychology and Spirituality training in 2011 and have carried out one-to-one work from Oct 2006 to July 2008, as well as group work from June 2007 to April 2011, both with a Jungian analyst.

And it’s time for a mention for the man who took these sessions, and who himself was influence by Jung in his teachings – Stuart McFarlane, who is kind, wise and an true inspiration.

Then there’s my grandmother who studied in Zurich in the 1920s, and was lectured by the great man himself before she moved to London.

And finally I want to bring in a teacher at my old school, St Albans, a man who devised the entire timetable, had a double first from Oxford and who was an incredible public speaking, doing so fluently without notes for long periods.

He was entertaining, mickey-taking, a real extrovert. But also kind and considered. We used to have hour-and-a-half lessons with him. They didn’t have a name – not even ‘Life Studies’ or ‘Social Anthropology’ But we talked about anything and everything and Jung used to crop up regularly.


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  1. Thank you for this blog. Mainly self-educated Jungian. I’ve read most of the Freud/Jung letters, as well as Jung’s 2-volume correspondences. Now onto the collected works — will you be covering the individual volumes?

    • Hi there, thanks v much for your comment, good to hear from you. Yes I’ll be covering the individual volumes, so look out! Do let me know your thoughts on what you’ve read of Jung so far or on any posts.

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